Clayton Construction utilises a leading project management system, Co-Construct, that will take you effortlessly through the many steps on your journey to achieving your premium new home.

"Adam was fantastic to work with, I love my home and the extra care and attention to detail"....Amanda Reid

Adam is with you from the initial building project concept to the time the welcome mat is laid at the door of your premium new home and with the endearing support of his specialist building team who will guide you through the many choices that will personalise your valuable new home, your experience with Clayton Construction will be one that you will enjoy sharing with your family and treasured friends.

On a personal level, the joy of building is deep within Adam and this is reflected in the awards presented to Clayton Construction for his commitment to produce the best quality premium homes, both economically and sustainably.

"Clayton Construction is reliable, trustworthy and we must say that the workmanship was of exceptional standard"....Tony Byard

Clayton Construction's dedication and excellence to advancing building technology and fine detail will add value to your premium new home and ensure the house you desire will remain at the forefront of building in the 21st century.

"Clayton Construction are fantastic problem solvers, excellent communicators....

Building?....If you are going to do it, do it with Adam"..... Catherine Hamilton (2011 MBT Energy Efficiency award winning home)
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